Latin engravings for clocks and watches

Latin engravings for clocks and watches

Watches and sundials are traditionally seen as triggers for philosophical contemplation and hence inscriptions with deep meaning.

ALIIS INSERVIENDO CONSUMOR - By serving others, I am worn away Note that although originally a sundial inscription, this phrase actually makes a lot more sense for a clock mechanism, it also indicates a particular philosophy of life.

ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS - Art lasts, life is short

ASPICE ET ABI - Look (at me) and pass on

DEO FAVENTE - With God's favor

DEUS ADEST LABORANTIBUS - God favors the diligent

DIES DIEM TRUDIT - Each day forces out another day

DISCE DIES NUMERARE TUOS - Learn to value your days

DUM SPECTAS FUGIO - I flee even as you observe me

EX HOC MOMENTO PENDET AETERNITAS - Eternity is hinged upon this moment

FESTINA LENTE - Make haste slowly There is actually a company called Festina that makes clocks and watches. In my opinion, only the complete quote makes sense. Who would want a clock that is too fast? The phrase indicates a perfect balance that must be achieved in a clock and in life.

HINC VIVERE DISCE - Learn to live by this example

HORA PARS VITAE - Every hour is a part of life

ITA VITA - Thus (passes) life

LABOR IPSE VOLUPTAS - Labor contains pleasure

NE QUID PEREAT - Let nothing be lost

NON NOBIS NATI SUMUS - We are not born for ourselves

NON REDIBO - I shall not return

NOSCE TEIPSUM - Know thyself

OMNIA FALCE METIT TEMPUS - Time reaps everything with its sickle

OMNIA FERT AETAS - Time brings all things

POST TENEBRAS SPERO LUCEM - I hope for light after darkness

QUID CELERIUS TEMPORE? - What is swifter than time?

SAPIENTIS EST NUMERARE - It is the wise who count

SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI - Thus passes the glory of this world

ULTIMA DECIDET - The last one decides

UMBRA DEI - The shadow of God

VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA - Truth is the daughter of time

VIGILATE & ORATE, TEMPUS FUGIT - Be vigilant and pray, for the time hastes away