Purity ring inscriptions

Purity ring inscriptions

One of the visitors of this site wanted to find a purity ring engraved with the words I have decided. I don't think there are any such rings on the market right now, but you can easily have one engraved through a number of websites. However, I can discuss the reasoning behind this inscription and you can decide if this inscription is for you.

Chastity and abstinence are often associated with religion. With good reasons, to be sure. However, moral choices of such importance can be made by people of little or no religious zeal. Although the most common purity ring inscription ‘True love waits’ rings could easily be taken outside of religious context (particularly because "love" in this sense is not necessarily a Christian notion), it seems to me that many individuals would rather emphasise the fact that wearing the purity ring and remaining on the course of actions required by such a commitment is, above all, their personal choice, a decision that they consciously made. Also, this kind of resolution is likely to draw more sympathy and respect. Hence such possible inscriptions for purity rings:

I have decided

My decision

My choice

My path

Perhaps, the same mottos can be applied to promise rings of other types (a purity ring is, essentially, a promise ring), as long as the same sentiment of personal choice and decision needs to be emphasized.